Holders of Alcoholic Beverage Licenses in Baltimore City and Community Residents

All holders of alcoholic beverage licenses in Baltimore City must file a renewal application between March 1 and March 31of every year at the Board’s office at 200 St. Paul Street, Suite 2300. A $50 processing fee must be paid at the time the renewal application is filed and applications filed after March 31st will be subject to a $50 per day penalty. Even if a licensee has been notified of a hold on his or her renewal license, the renewal application must still be filed by March 31st.

By Law, a protest against the renewal of a license must be filed at least 30 days before the license expires on April 30th. All protests must be received at the Board’s office by 4 p.m. on March 31st and must be signed by not less than ten residents, commercial tenants (who are not holders or applicants for any liquor license), or real estate owners in the immediate vicinity where the licensed place of business is located. Protests must be based on specific complaints as to the operation of the establishment.

This year the BLLC has developed electronic forms that can be completed electronically but must still be submitted to our office on paper. The 2024 Renewal Application form must be notarized and the BLLC does not offer notary services. Below are various resources for Licensees to complete the renewal process.

The renewal period is from March 1 – March 31st.


Renewal Letter to Licensees 2024 [PDF]
Frequently Asked Questions for Renewal 2024 [PDF]
Application for Renewal 2024 [PDF]
 * Food Form Class "B" 46th District 2024 [PDF]
 * Class "A" BWL Camera Affidavit [PDF]
 * Cross Street Market Vendor Renewal Form 2024 [PDF]
 * Lexington Market Vendor Renewal Form 2024 [PDF]
License Fee List 2024 [PDF]
Request for Previous Year Application Form [PDF]

Adult Entertainment Renewal Letter to Licensees [PDF]
Application for Adult Entertainment for 2024 [PDF]